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Effective Meetings Step 5: Post-Land

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So, a decision has been reached due to the great work you did during the Pre-launch, Launch, Navigate and Land phases of the meeting. Well, it’s not over yet. “Now what?” you may ask...

Just like a great presentation, the meeting needs a strong conclusion to ensure the action items executed. This gets us to the final phase of meetings – the Post-Land phase.

Post-Land has two parts – what happens at the end of the meeting, and what happens after the meeting.

When ending the meeting:

  • Review what was agreed upon
  • Discuss next steps – and get verbal agreement
    • What needs to be done
    • By when?
    • By whom?
  • Determine what gets communicated and what doesn’t, and to whom
  • Thank the group
  • Express appreciation for everyone’s participation
  • Give credit to specific individuals
  • Evaluate and measure your success

After the meeting -- Here are three types of questions to help you measure meetings success:

  1. The What
    • Did you accomplish your meeting objective?
    • Was it done correctly (meet criteria, etc.)?
    • Was it done on time?
  2. The How
    • Was the meeting process you used efficient?
    • Was the process clear & logical?
    • Did the process make sense for the task at hand?
  3. The Who
    • Did all team members feel valued during the meeting?
    • Did the team members feel supported?
    • Do team members trust each other?

Although meetings may differ in purpose and scope, there are always similarities. If you use the steps and tools I’ve shared over the last month or so, you will have better meeting success (and less time and money lost).

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my effective meetings series, and share your best practices.

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