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Leadership Lesson: Don't Leave Dead Bodies

Categories: Leadership Presence

Leaving “dead bodies” is no way to lead, build relationships, or get results. Yet, all too often,  it happens. Although I coach people for a variety of reasons – leaving “dead bodies” is frequently a concern. What are some techniques to use, to avoid this?

  1. Recognize overly aggressive behaviors and identify what triggers them.
  2. Own the impact of lashing out, ordering around, insulting, etc.
  3. Catch yourself in the moment. When you feel the adrenaline surge – at that point, make a decision … is it worth it?
  4. Take a deep breath, take a walk, pinch yourself. In other words, get some time, space and perspective.
  5. Apologize if you ended up lashing out before you caught yourself.

Ultimately, prioritizing business relationships will generate better results, and greater leadership opportunities, than leaving “dead bodies.”

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