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Moving Others: Influence without Authority

In our increasingly cross-functional business environment, the ability to Influence without Authority is essential. Due to flatter management structures, cross-functional work teams, and virtual partnerships, we are spending more time trying to get things done through others.

We all have competing priorities. In our increasingly cross-functional business environment, it can be a challenge to get everyone on the same page.

The three pillars of influencing without authority are clarity, connection, and communication You need clarity about your goals, who you’re connecting with,  and how you’re communicating.

Each of the following 6 questions will help you build a strategy around your clarity, connection, and communication skills. These simple prompts allow you to map out your plan to influence without authority.

  1. Who needs to be influenced? Determine who must be on board to achieve your objectives.
  2. What’s happening in their world? Gain insight into the lives of the people you want to influence.
  3. Who are your allies/resistors? Perspective taking is essential in understanding people's mindsets.
  4. What questions can you ask to move them? Ask questions that clarify their goals, challenges, and motivations.
  5. What key points need to be presented? Plot out your key points and organize your argument in a logical way.
  6. How will you tell your story well? Use relevant examples, stories, and anecdotes that appeal to both heart (emotions) and head (logic).

These strategic questions will help you boost your ability to engage, excite and empower!

BRODYpro’s interactive “Influence without Authority” workshop helps you build your influence. You can download a full outline of the workshop here.

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