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Influence Without Authority - Virtually & In-Person

Categories: Teamwork and Collaboration

How do leaders influence without authority in today’s work environments with limited in-person meetings or conversations?

It can be a challenge to get everyone onboard and aligned with your priorities, even in-person. The challenge of virtual workspaces makes it even harder.

Our work environments and mediums change, yet these 3 building blocks that support our ability to move others remain the same:

  1. Clarity about your goals and objectives
  2. Connection with those we need to meet the target goals
  3. Communication strategies that move your project forward

Influencing without authority is a skill that can be applied at all organizational levels. Nearly everyone has a stake in developing new initiatives, projects, and processes, as explained in this article from Harvard Business School. Using the right tools, you can effectively move your team forward.

A Tool to Build Strategy and Skill

Map out your plan to influence without authority using the tool below -- based on clarity, connection, and communication.

  1. Who needs to be influenced? Determine who must be on board to achieve your objectives.
  2. What’s happening in their world? Connect and gain insight into the lives of the people you want to influence.
  3. Who are your allies/resistors? Perspective taking is essential in understanding people's mindsets.
  4. What questions can you ask to move them? Ask questions that clarify their goals, challenges, and motivations.
  5. What key points need to be presented? Plot out your key points and organize your argument in a way that is logical to others.
  6. How will you tell your story well? Use relevant examples, stories, and anecdotes that appeal to both heart (emotions) and head (logic).

Influence Without Authority Virtually and In-Person

The three building blocks of influencing without authority and the strategic planning questions apply in any medium. As with all new skills, applying these strategies requires planning and practice.

If you’re ready to build your clarity, connection, and communication skills, we’re here for you with relevant and practical professional training. 

BRODYpro’s interactive “Influence without Authority” workshop helps you build your influence. You can download a full outline of the workshop here.

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