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Own Your Career: Build Your Personal Brand

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Since early 2020, working in remote or hybrid environments means less in-person interaction. Our teams or responsibilities may have changed, even if we haven’t changed roles. With these transitions, it can be harder to find our footing, let alone look for ways to stand out.

Leaders have an additional challenge of finding the right person to move up into new leadership roles. You have fewer opportunities to recognize the leader you need to move a project or team forward.

Personal branding helps in both recognizing and being recognized!

What is a personal brand?

In a previous blog, we shared: “It’s different than a corporate brand: It’s not a logo, a slogan, a marketing campaign, or a specific look that people will know you by. Your personal brand consists of the sum-total of your reputation -- how you are perceived within your company and industry, and how far and wide you are known inside your organization and industry.”

BRODY’s founder, Marjorie Brody, is known to say, “It’s not just what you know OR who you know that counts for your career success. It’s also who knows you.”

You can take the initiative to make sure more people know you; your work, your capabilities, and how terrific you are!

How do you become “known” in today’s business environment?

Use BRODY’s MAGIC formula to develop your personal brand:


Take note of how you present yourself. Instead of a digital headshot, we now need to be “camera-ready” every day.  Are you leaning in, focused, and alert? Are you dressed for the occasion? Check your background, lighting, headspace, and framing to make the best professional impression.


The organizational landscape has changed. Who is in a position to help you move forward? Consider what you have in common, personally and professionally, to help you connect. Then, find ways to provide value and expertise. This is not a mentoring relationship, but one based on mutual respect.


Commit to being a Learner. The value of continuous education is immeasurable when it comes to your future. Consider what skills and knowledge you need to be seen as an expert in your field. What trade magazines, books, podcasts, or live training will keep you on the cutting edge?


Now that so many organizations are meeting virtually, the obstacle of distance is removed. You can connect with people around the country (and around the world). Choose organizations that interest and inspire you. When you are passionate about the topic, you will be energized by your involvement and put your best foot forward. Don’t just show up; get involved strategically. Volunteer to help plan an event or work on a project. When you are actively involved you get to know people, and people get to know you!


Communicate in different ways. One rule of marketing is: 6 times, 6 different ways, repeat. Here are some ways to increase your visibility and create commentary:

  • Offer to introduce a guest speaker at a virtual conference or event
  • Co-host a virtual program
  • Volunteer for a podcast interview
  • Be a guest-blogger for your company, industry, or even your favorite non-profit.
  • Post regularly to your professional social media accounts

What do you want to be known for?

Once you clarify what you want to be known for, write it down. Then you can get to work planning and executing your personal brand strategy following the MAGIC formula.


Ready to get started on your future?

Developing your personal brand is a practice and a process. It takes time and energy – with the reward of knowing that you will own your career success!

For more support with personal branding, check out BRODY’s Ignite Your Personal Brand training program or contact us for details.

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