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A Sales Experience Gone Bad

Categories: Personal Marketing

Perhaps you heard the expression “People don’t want to be sold, but they do like to buy.” I do believe this – and nowhere more so than buying a time share.

My husband and I are owners at Grupo Vidanta in the Grand Luxx. For the most part, we have been thrilled with our purchase. The properties and the services are good (some are great). However, the sales department is another story. We always go to the sales talk for 3 reasons:
  1. I want to hear what is going on (building, upgrades, etc.)
  2. We get a fabulous buffet breakfast (OK – so, we sell our time for cheap!)
  3. We get a 10% discount on everything we buy (food, amenities, purchases, etc.)

After our most recent experience, however, we may say that the savings and breakfast aren’t worth it.


Meet Andrea from Colorado – we tell her from the beginning why we are there. We really don’t want to waste her time or ours. We are willing to sit for the obligatory 90 minutes, to hear about plans for expansion, etc.

Well, that wasn’t enough for Andrea. By the time we left (3 ½ hours later), she had told us that our past salespeople had lied, we were stupid for not coming with our contract, she had a Master’s Degree and her family were all attorneys so she was in corporate – sales were beneath her, we shouldn’t talk to other owners around the pool, and to top it all off (almost), my husband was the rudest person she had ever come in contact with.

Did we buy? No!

Did we talk to others? Yes!

Does she need both truth telling and sales lessons? Yes, yes!

It actually was funny – 2 days later, we met people on the beach. We were swapping sales stories. They, too, had Andrea (what are the odds?), and she told them that we were the rudest people she had ever met. I wonder what she said about them to the next customers?

A company should insist that the sales team learn about the real products, customer service, and telling the truth. The products are fabulous – why taint them with Andrea and others of her ilk?

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