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Setting Goals Is Better Than Making Resolutions

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Some of you have made 2009 New Year’s resolutions, and to date, have kept them. Only 359 days left to go this year.




Others have made and broken their resolutions already. Personally, I don’t believe in making resolutions, which I think overall tend to be negative.


I believe in setting goals -- goals that are specific, measurable and observable.


Often these goals are a stretch, but not impossible.


Let me give you a few examples. One is a goal that I had about 7 years ago. At that time, all of my reading was business-oriented -- news, training, sales, and business magazines, and also how-to books. These are things I still believe in, but I thought my conversations at parties were limited, and I was boring. My goal that year was to read 5 bestsellers, 5 business, and 5 motivational/spiritual books.


I kept a list next to my bed. After all, it was only 15 books a year, but more varied topics. Just by tracking everything – keeping the list in a visible place – I began to read more.


At this point, I don’t need that goal, I do it automatically. The results are that I am more informed, more fun, and a better conversationalist.


Here’s another example … a resolution might be to get in better shape. Instead, write a goal: Exercise 20-30 minutes four to five times a week.


Here’s another one:


Resolution: get more business. Goal: make 1 to 5 calls per day, 5 days a week.


Research shows that those who make specific goals, write them down, and share them with others, accomplish more than those who don’t.


This is nothing new, but always worth revisiting.


I hope 2009 is fabulous for you all. Only you can define what fabulous means!


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Happy New Year!


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