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A Toast To You!

Categories: Professional Development


With colder temperatures here, and already signs of snow, I am more than ready to sit on the beach, read some books, and get some sun … and, the great thing is that I am actually doing it!


This week, my husband and I are in Riviera Maya, Mexico.


Is it the best time to take off? Probably not. But, if you don’t take/make time for yourself, you won’t get it.

I encourage anyone reading this to block out some time for yourself, and your family over the upcoming holidays – and, in general year round.


Personally, my motto is: “Work hard and play hard.” I know that this won’t work for everyone.


But, consider this -- when a study was done interviewing people over 65 (no, I’m not there, yet), and researchers asked, “What would you do differently in your life?” … The resounding response was, “I would have taken more risks. I would spend more time with my family. I’d take time to stop and ask the big questions.”


As I sip my margaritas in the warm sun this week, and take this “advice,” I will think collectively of anyone reading this, and offer a toast to you!



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