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Accountability Presentation at VirtualU on May 18

Categories: Professional Development

It’s fair to say that we’re entering a brave new world in lots of ways.

One has to do with the shift in how training is being delivered – or at least supplemented.

There is no doubt that webinars have a place in the training mix of modalities. In fact, BRODY Professional Development delivers them quite often.

We also do webinars in advance of an instructor-led, face-to-face training program. By doing this, we can cut the lecture part of the program and focus on application and hands-on practice of the skills – not to mention coach participants through a process.

Webinar platforms have greatly improved in recent years, to allow polling, quizzes, and other types of interaction. Yet, if you are like me, you still find this format a bit boring, too easy to let yourself multi-task while attending one.

BRODY has been exploring alternatives to the standard webinar for training. Our search has led us to Digitell’s VirtualU platform – a 3D virtual universe where participants create an avatar to navigate the learning experience in virtual auditoriums and lecture halls. Participants can chat via text messages, live Twitter feeds, and via a VOIP sound connection.

VirtualU is a lot like the virtual universe, SecondLife, where I once delivered an informal “fireside chat” about one of my books to an all-female audience of varied professionals.

Mark your calendar. Tuesday, May 18 at 3 pm ET, I’ll be on Virtual U delivering my presentation “Accountability: 5 Keys to Manage Success (Yours & Others).”

So, join my VirtualU avatar – who looks a lot better than I do – as I discuss the topic of accountability.

The good news is that it’s not too late to register, and the price is right – FREE.

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