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First Real Job

Categories: Professional Development

I have asked members of the BRODY team to occasionally contribute a blog. This one is written by our newest, youngest addition, Whitni Rouse. Her message is relevant-not just for young employees or other new hires but for all of us.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost two years since I graduated from college. So what does that mean? It means that I am officially an adult, and I have to start behaving like one. It’s time to throw away the training wheels, and upgrade to a two wheeler especially in the workplace.

I now have my first real job after graduating from college, and quickly learned one of the most important professional lessons: how to receive constructive criticism. While a part of me still feels like I’m being scolded by a teacher, I know the professional part has to learn to find the value, and use it to my advantage.

The first time I received feedback, I admittedly became defensive. It felt like a personal attack on my character. Did my colleagues no longer like me? Did they think less of me? Would I get fired?

My defensive walls came crumbling down when I was told to take the feedback and apply what I’ve learned to the next project/task. I now had a better understanding of how my projects/tasks should be completed within the company’s standards. If I felt unsure about something, I should always, always ask questions. Mistakes aren’t all bad if we can learn from them.

Bottom line: If a mentor or manager cares enough about your success to give you feedback (even if it isn’t positive) realize that it’s a gift. That person has shared his or her time and experience with you to help you. If a manager isn’t willing to do this, how could you possibly know what and how to improve??

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