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More New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Categories: Professional Development

New-Years-ResolutionA carefully chosen New Year’s resolution can provide a necessary boost to your career.

Here are five suggestions for work-related New Year’s resolutions that will reap career rewards.

  1. Learn to sell yourself. Going for a promotion, interviewing for a new job (even in your current firm), or landing new clients requires balancing humility with boldness. Find a way to speak about your strengths and accomplishments without sounding like you are boasting. Practice in the mirror until you develop the perfect wording, body language, and demeanor to shine.
  2. Be ready to make a move. It pays to keep your ears and eyes open, whether you are actively looking for a new job or not. Have a foundation in place, including:
    • Update your resume
    • Clarify what new opportunity you would consider, if one presented itself
    • Have references lined up
  3. Set attainable career goals and a plan to make them happen. Map out the steps needed to take you to your career goals. Include timetables, options, the people you’ll need to help you, and perhaps even a "plan B."
  4. Learn to give and take feedback. If a manager or other senior-level colleague gives you feedback, whether it’s constructive or flat-out depressing, treat it as a gift and say "thank you." Then explore whether this is an area that truly needs development. Learn to solicit feedback. And don't be stingy -- give others feedback that  may help them toward their career goals.
  5. Understand your company’s goals and make them your own. When you know how your position fits into your company’s objectives, doing the best job possible will give you a greater sense of satisfaction. You might also come up with brilliant ideas for furthering your company's goals -- and your own career.

What New Year’s career resolutions have you made and kept, and how have they impacted your working life?

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