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My “Olympic” Lesson: Training and Development Pays Off

Categories: Professional Development

My husband and I were hooked on the Winter Olympics – both from the sports competition aspect as well as the “back story” angle about the athletes. These Olympic athletes are all winners, whether they medaled or not.

As I watched, words that continually came to mind were: focus, dedication, coaching, practice, risk-taking, challenge, training, and more practice.

Watching also made me wonder: Why is it that some people – like the Olympic athletes strive so hard to be the “best in class” in an event and for the related fame, while others are for the most part stuck in “short-term” thinking?

They are goal-oriented, passionate, and want to do their best. They recognize the need for – and their return on -- investing time and money into training and coaching.

Shouldn’t it be the same any time we give a presentation?

Yet, it continues to amaze me that so many people – and corporations – assume that that they will “show up” focused, dedicated and results-driven … without the investment of coaching, training and lots of practice.

One presentation can make or break a huge sale. One presentation creates an impression that can lead to further advancement. One presentation can rally the troops (a much-needed call to action).

Now is the time to invest for yourself and for your employees. Don’t wait for the next big event. Use the time now to prepare.

Believe me, the gold, silver and bronze medal winners from the 2010 Winter Olympics are already creating a strategy and game plan to win even more medals four years from now in Russia.

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