Ten Books to Take Your Career to the Next Level: Your Competitive Advantage Series


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Ten Books to Take Your Career to the Next Level: Your Competitive Advantage Series

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It’s been a busy year here at BRODY, and I’m thrilled to announce that we are putting the finishing touches on our series of 10 mini-books, the Your Competitive Advantage series.

Starting in 2014, these books can be purchased individually or in a bundle of 10 (discounts available for series orders). They all  provide the professional development information you need on a wide variety of subjects, in concise, easily digestible bits.

We originally developed them as a bit of continuing education for our coaching and training clients, but they are available for anyone who’s interested in self-development and ensuring career success.

Reading business development books can be an essential part of growth, both personally and professionally. We all know there are areas we’re weak in that might be holding us back, or qualities we wish we could develop to move ahead in our industries. But at the same time, life is fast-paced and we’re all overbooked, with hardly enough free time to read the daily newspaper -- whether it's online or in your hand!

BRODY has purposely designed these books to be a quick, enjoyable read, packed with tips, strategies, and simple exercises you can try.

Here’s the full list of titles coming in 2014. Some of these are new, revamped editions of books that we’ve published before under a different name — but they contain a lot of valuable new information. So, even if you’ve got a copy of one of the older versions, you still might want to take a look at the new version. They make great holiday gifts and presents for those just out of college entering the workforce in a full-time corporate position. We are taking pre-orders now for the complete set. These are the working titles:

  • Critical Communications: Strategies for Success
  • Write it Right: Business Writing for Results
  • Powerful Presentations: Messages That Move & Matter
  • Listen Up! The Most Used & Abused, Least Taught Communication Skill
  • Influence Without Authority … People, Projects & Progress
  • Ignite Your Personal Brand: Create Positive Visibility
  • Stop Wasting Time: Make Meetings Matter!
  • Courageous Coaching: Everyone Wins
  • No Excuses! Create a Culture of Accountability
  • Leadership Presence: The Influential Intangible

Are you tasked with an important multi-departmental project, and you don’t know how to get compliance from team members who don’t report to you? Take a look at People, Projects & Progress: Influence Without Authority.

Do you need to coach your green, 20-something sales staff and turn them into independent, top performers? Check out Courageous Coaching: Everyone Wins.

Do you attend — or run — multiple meetings each week at your job? Do they ever feel like a boring and inefficient waste of time? Then you need Stop Wasting Time: Make Meetings Matter! By the way, this book will be useful even if you are not the meeting planner or facilitator.

And if you’re looking to advance up the career ladder and hone your leadership skills, then you’ll definitely want to read Leadership Presence: The Influential Intangible.

I’ll keep you posted as to when this entire series hits our Success Store. I’d love to hear your feedback! Or, contact us for more information or to pre-order a set of Your Competitive Advantage mini books.


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