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Technical Presentations Don’t Have to Be Tricky: Keep Them Simple for Success

Categories: Business Presentations, Technical Presentations

The definition of genius is to make the complicated simple.

Of course, that isn’t really the definition. But, it is an ability that goes a long way as a leader -- and also when presenting information.

We live in a complex and technical world. People need to understand what is going on around them. If you can present complex or technical ideas in a clear manner, you will become invaluable to your organization.

How can you do this? As always, know your audience. What is important to them? How deep do need to go?

The goal isn’t to show them how smart you are, but make them feel smart so they are open to your ideas.

Make sure you break down your ideas into manageable pieces. By doing so, you make the ideas easier to digest and your audience doesn’t struggle to grasp your message.

Be sure you are using lingo that everyone understands. Jargon and acronyms are a sure way to confuse your audience. You can use figures of speech (analogies, metaphors and similes) to explain your ideas. Remember to paint the picture, and tell the story.

Complicated and technical topics don’t have to be overwhelming. Just keep in mind this mantra: Make the complicated simple.

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