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Why Coaching Your Staff is Key to Success

I am a firm proponent of the merits of ongoing coaching for your staff.

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Coaching: Pipe Dream to Dream Team

Imagine leading an inspired team of high producing employees. Imagine if everyone on your team was as invested in the success of your business as in their own personal success; and going a step further, they understood that those two were not...

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Are Your Employees Secretly Planning to Leave? The Low Down on Employee Turnover

Is employee turnover biting into your company’s profits? You hire the best people you can find ... you train them ... you might even give them annual raises, if you can ... and yet they leave.

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Courageous Coaching

Lately, I’ve been delivering a number of sessions about Courageous Coaching, and why it’s so critical.

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The Benefits of Coaching – Don’t Know How? Learn!

In my past two "Benefits of Coaching" blogs, "No Time Like the Present" and "Don't Let Fear Hold You Back" I wrote about the reasons that managers don't coach their employees: fear, lack of time, and they haven’t been taught how to do so!

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The Benefits of Coaching- No Time Like the Present

In my last blog I discussed 3 reasons why many people are hesitant to coach their employees. I listed fear (which I blogged about last time), lack of time, and lack of knowledge. This blog is about lack of time.

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Coaching Others: Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

I’ve been preparing for my speech on February 1st called “Courageous Coaching: It’s Not Easy … It’s Your Job.” I also just finished writing a book about the same subject.

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Courageous Coaching: It May Not Be Easy, But Necessary for Building Staff/Relationships

I have recently created a new presentation that focuses on courageous coaching. What is courageous coaching?

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