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Effective Meetings Step 5: Post-Land

So, a decision has been reached due to the great work you did during the Pre-launch, Launch, Navigate and Land phases of the meeting. Well, it’s not over yet. “Now what?” you may ask...

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Effective Meetings Step 4 – Land

If you’ve been using the techniques for more effective meetings that I’ve been sharing here the past few weeks (Pre-launch, Launch & Navigate), you probably are already seeing improvement.

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Effective Meetings Step 3 – Navigate

I’ve already focused on the pre-launch and launch phases of successful meetings. Phase 3 is to navigate – which is to guide the meeting attendees to make sense of the information that came out of the idea generation stage (launch).

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Engage Attendees to Ensure Results

So you’re ready to launch the meeting – maybe you even have one already scheduled.

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Effective Meetings Step 2: Launch!

Last week’s blog dealt with the Pre-Launch. It’s amazing how much smoother things go when the preparation is in place. The second phase of BRODY's 5-step process for effective meetings is the Launch phase.

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Effective Meetings Step 1: Pre-Launch

The Pre-Launch Phase is the time you spend planning the meeting so that it is a good investment of everyone's time.

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5-Step Process for Meetings That Get Results

How much time do you spend on meetings?

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