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Master Impromptu Speaking With PREP

I’m a firm believer in the power of preparation and practice, because these occasions offer you the opportunity to shine. But what about when you are put on the spot?

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Increase Agility & Collaboration: 3 Ways to Exercise Your Right Brain

Adaptability, curiosity, learning agility, comfort with ambiguity, the ability to collaborate – these are a list of attributes and skills that a group of 85 learning leaders from diverse organizations stated in a recent survey will drive their...

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A Simple System to Present Opinions

For many people, being asked their opinion at work can be awkward, or even terrifying. I often share a simple system called PREP, which is a template for presenting your opinions.

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Are You PREPared to Shine at Corporate Meetings?

Although everyone on Earth has an opinion on a multitude of subjects, for many people, few things are as intimidating as being asked for theirs — that is being asked to share an opinion in a business/corporate meeting filled with potential new...

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