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Keep Your Cool: Presenting to Senior Management

Does giving a presentation to senior management turn you into a wreck? Are you sleepless in Seattle — or Chicago — or New York — for a week (or a month) before that presentation?

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The Depth of Leadership

At the surface level, a leader is merely one who leads others. That sounds pretty simple, so what’s all the fuss about? Yet, at the same time, leadership can reach into and transform every aspect of a person’s being. Are great leaders born, or made?...

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Leadership Lesson: Don't Leave Dead Bodies

Leaving “dead bodies” is no way to lead, build relationships, or get results. Yet, all too often,  it happens. Although I coach people for a variety of reasons – leaving “dead bodies” is frequently a concern. What are some techniques to use, to...

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The Power of Presence – It Can Be Learned & Shared

For many of us, the ability to shake hands, look someone in the eye, stand tall, and at least appear confident is second nature.

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