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4 Must-Know Tips for MSLs Gathering Insights Today

Today’s healthcare landscape is changing rapidly.

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5 Tools to Improve Your Empathetic    Listening Skills

You probably have heard the expression, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

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Are You Missing Out?

Listening … it is the most used communication skill but is the least taught. We often assume that we are good at listening. But, are we?

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Business Phone Calls: Be Mindful of Your Vocal Velocity, Volume & Pitch (part 1 of 2)

Were you aware that the impact your voice has on the phone accounts for 85 percent of the overall impression you make on the other person?

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Acing Introductions and Networking -- Four Tips for Remembering People’s Names

One of the most bothersome business blunders is forgetting someone’s name. Mispronouncing a name and getting it entirely wrong are equally cringe-worthy, if not worse, making you want to slink off with your tail between your legs.

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Listen Up! The Secret to Career Success

Most people believe that listening is easy, and that they are good listeners. But effective listening is really an active process, not a passive one. Studies have shown that listening takes up about 45% of a typical day, so being good at it is...

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The Selling Stool: 3 Key Elements to Sales Presentations

Product knowledge and selling skills are only two legs of the stool when it comes to successful sales presentations.

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Listening is More Than Hearing

So many people like to talk.   

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