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How to Present: 7 Steps to "Own" Your Deck

Whether you are delivering a presentation that you designed yourself – or a message created by someone else – your role as a presenter is to bring the message to life for your audience. When you take ownership of your presentation, you are able...

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4 Ways Clarity Can Help You Influence Others

Have you ever tried to influence someone, only to fail?

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What Makes a Speech Persuasive?


Patrick Henry

Happy President's Day! On this day that celebrates our first and 16th presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, let's look back at other historical figures of note -- specifically those whose presentation skills were...

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The Art & Science of Presentations: 5 Strategies to Persuade

If you have a project you are passionate about, a new client you are trying to land, or a cause dear to your heart that you’d like others to take up, then it might be time to develop your skills of persuasion. It is possible to consistently...

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A Message to President Obama & His Support Team: RE Communicating & Selling Ideas

I’ve been listening to members of the Obama administration present their ideas.

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Persuasion & the Stimulus Package

The power of persuasion.

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