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Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women - Part 2

Categories: Women in Business

I’m still thinking about the amazing achievements of the women on this year’s annual Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list.

The ways that women can effect change in this world are many and growing, ranging from the time-honored tradition of raising happy, healthy and productive children, to running international corporations and even entire nations ... or any combination of these!

It would be fascinating to read in-depth interviews for all of these women, or do a study to see if we could come up with some common denominators for their success. I’m sure that luck, talent, and in the case of entertainers -- looks -- are all factors. But perhaps these are a factors than you think.

Here are the common denominators I imagine these women might all have:

  1. None of them saw being a woman as a limitation. It either fueled their passion, or was a non-issue in their own minds.
  2. Each of these women works harder than average. I’d bet they gave their all in every position they ever had, and treated each job as if the company was their own.
  3. They found mentors and advocates along the way. Think relationship, relationship, relationship.
  4. These women had a vision of what they wanted to accomplish. They probably also had a strong sense of their own values and priorities to guide them.
  5. They took risks. I imagine they saw “failure” as a learning experience from which they could quickly recover and continue moving toward their goals.

What do you think the Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women might have in common? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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