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A Thank-You Still Goes A Long Way

Categories: Workplace Etiquette

Ho, ho, ho!


Oh no, oh no, oh no!


More gifts I don’t like, what to do?


OK. I’m not your mother, but let me remind you of two things when it comes to gift getting and being gracious. 

  •   A “thank you” goes a long way. When you receive a gift, regardless of your inner reaction – smile, and say, “Thank you!” If you can feign a little enthusiasm, too, it shows appreciation. After all, people have different tastes and different budgets, so they are doing the best they can. A follow-up thank-you note is a nice gesture, too 
  • When the gift has been sent or given to you by someone other than the “gift giver” in person, it is essential that you send a note. OK, a phone call is better than nothing, and an e-mail is further up the food chain, but nothing beats a handwritten note. It shows consideration. It shows class. And think about it -- what really is the cost to you? Probably 5 minutes and the price of a stamp. So, keep a box of notepaper handy, and write a three sentence note. It can say something like: “Dear ____. Thank you so much for ________. I will be able to use it to __________. Your (creativity, imagination, thoughtfulness) are greatly appreciated.” 

Remember, people have spent time and money (OK, so maybe there’s a bit of re-gifting going on, but they still took the time to think of you!). The least you can do is show some appreciation.


And, who knows, maybe next year, you will like the gifts you get.



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