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Compliments Create Good Karma

Categories: Workplace Etiquette

Yesterday a stranger complimented me on my sweater.

“Great sweater,” she said. “You look so good in turquoise.” Naturally, I fell in love with her! Not only that, I’ve worn turquoise the past three days.

Giving a compliment is a gift – one that costs nothing, and easily can be “regifted.”

I suggest that people compliment regularly – with no expectation other than being honest and making others feel good.

Of course, receiving a compliment shouldn’t be difficult either. It only requires two words: “Thank you.” Note – not saying, “No problem,” “This old thing?”, “I bought it on sale”, etc.

When you reject or discount the compliment, it makes the “giver” feel stupid for giving it (and less likely to do so again).

So, try these two simple words: “Thank you.” It really makes everyone happy.

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