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Greeting Card Conundrum: Paper or Electronic?

Categories: Workplace Etiquette

Mother’s Day is approaching – a great time for the greeting card companies.

Granted, there are eCards for everything, but are they valued the same way? The answer I’ve gotten is mixed.

According to the Greeting Card Association, more than 7 billion paper cards were bought last year – even though eCards are readily available (and much cheaper, even free in some cases).

So, what is the etiquette of card-sending?

For birthdays, either type of card will work – and if you forget, it’s quicker to send an eCard. Congratulations for a new job, etc., can be either type of card, too.

When it comes to expressing sympathy, celebrating anniversaries, or recognizing this upcoming Mother’s Day, however, my suggestion is to spring for the traditional paper card. If you don’t want to spend the money, nothing beats a handwritten note.

I realize that I may sound like a dinosaur in this age of electronic communication, but sometimes, you just can’t beat the old-fashioned approach.

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