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Are We Really Productive 24/7?

Categories: Workplace Productivity

Recently, I was in my office on a Saturday cleaning up.

It had been awhile since I could see the top of my desk. Out of habit, I checked my email. A client was contacting me about setting up a conference call.

We then e-mailed back and forth. I pointed out that it was a Saturday, and asked what she was doing sending work email. Her response was, “I’m addicted.”

I realized how true this is for most business professionals. We rush from meeting to meeting, plot strategies, check our email and phone messages, and constantly multi-task at the same time. It’s a non-stop race against time.

But, for what? Are we really more effective?

Studies show that there is a relationship between hurrying and productivity. Working at breakneck speed often results in things being overlooked, mistakes being made, and a general lack of job satisfaction.

What if you decided to slow down – just a little at first – until you see the benefits? Most likely, you will find that you’re being more productive at work and at home.

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