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Eliminate Interruptions

Categories: Workplace Productivity

I may be an extrovert, but I also need quiet time to think and actually get work done. Unfortunately, that rarely happens.

Researchers have found that the average office employee who works at a desk gets no more than 3 minutes a day without an interruption. This kills workplace productivity. How much work can I do in 3 minutes, particularly if it involves thinking? Not much.

I have found a few things that can work to get rid of the interruptions:

  1. Shut your office door (yes, I know -- lucky me; I have a door to my office).
  2. Put a sign on your cubicle wall: “Thinking going on. Come back in __ minutes.”
  3. Put your phone on DND (do not disturb).
  4. Set your email server to "work offline" for a period of time. (Then check emails in between projects.)
  5. Block your calendar, or find another way to let the people who work with you know when you next will be available.
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