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Intention is Critical, But Then Take Action

Categories: Workplace Productivity

I am starting to prepare a presentation to be delivered this summer at a Foundation Event at the National Speakers Association Convention.

Topic: “Getting Business in These Challenging Times.” Of course, I have my ideas, but decided to tap the collective wisdom of colleagues and friends in the speaking industry.

One said, “I think about money – really think about it, and I seem to get a booking for a presentation.” He was dead serious.

At first, I laughed, then I began to think: focus, intention, putting what you want out into the universe, what you think about, you make happen. I’m not laughing so much now. Instead, I am thinking about …

I do believe that intention and focus are critical. It’s part of a visualization process. Of course, taking action usually expedites things.

What do you need to focus on? I’d love to hear about the results. Maybe I will focus on you responding to me.

I also would welcome ideas regarding getting business. The Foundation is a worthwhile cause, and the ideas could help a lot of people.

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