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Make Your Own Sunshine

Categories: Workplace Productivity

It’s Monday, and it’s not raining. In fact, we are having sunshine. It’s amazing what that does for one’s disposition!

The question is – how do you create “sunshine” at work, even when the “weather” is gloomy?

Here are 10 things that work for me:

  1. A good cup of coffee
  2. Selling our programs and services
  3. Helping someone improve themselves – a client or colleague
  4. Sending a thank-you, or recognition note to someone who has helped me
  5. Pictures (or phone calls) from my husband, grandsons, daughters, mother
  6. Reaching a goal or completing a project
  7. Cleaning up my desk
  8. Connecting with a hard-to-connect-with client
  9. A team meeting, when good ideas surface
  10. Doing everything on my “to-do” list for the day

I would love to hear what brings “sunshine” into your work environment.

Have a sunny day! :)

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