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More Reasons To Be Thankful

Categories: Workplace Productivity

Even in down times, it is critical to take inventory about what is good and what is working.

This is particularly true at Thanksgiving – what are you thankful for?

I can’t speak for you, but here are some things that I am grateful for. Maybe you can identify with a few:

  • I am healthy (at least as far as I know!) – I choose to ignore aches and pains.
  • I have family who usually appreciate me.
  • My friends think I am funny, reliable, thoughtful, and insightful (I choose to let them think that!)
  • I love my work. If you don’t love yours most of the time, perhaps it’s time to rethink your purpose and be willing to take some risks? Life is way too short to be stuck.
  • I have food on the table. And, for most of us, it wouldn’t hurt to eat a little less, and better.
  • I have clothes that fit – believe me, that takes some work!
  • There are many books to read, movies to see, and, of course, a new season of “24.”
  • I can make a difference – and so can you. Do some volunteer work, give to a charity, and serve on a committee.

What are you thankful for? Whatever it may be, take an inventory, and be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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