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My New Year’s Wishes For All Business Professionals

Categories: Workplace Productivity

Many of you reading this are already “off” for the holidays. So, I didn’t want to get too heavy.

Instead, I have four wishes for you all, for 2010. They are:

  1. You are healthy. Anyone that has had an illness or in your family knows that this really trumps everything else. Eat well, exercise, stay away from sick people, wash your hands frequently and trust your body to tell you when you need more rest (or medical assistance!).
  2. You are optimistic. Granted, for most, these haven’t been the best of times. However, optimism trumps pessimism. What are they key things you need to do differently to get employed, build your business, be happy, and make more sales?
  3. You are appreciative of all the good in your life. This means your family, friends, colleagues, even your boss. It’s easy to focus on the negative. But, what do you have that you are grateful for?
  4. You are accountable. We each need to be accountable for our own actions and reactions. We can’t blame others, we can only look at ourselves, and say, “What do I need to be accountable for? Who do I need to be accountable for?”

Get rested, so when January 2010 is here, you are ready to build your future. You can do that when you are healthy, optimistic, appreciative and accountable!

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