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Thinking Time

Categories: Workplace Productivity

In January, I went to a spa. It was lovely being pampered with treatments. It was even good spending 8 hours a day exercising – walks, water aerobics and pilates. But what I committed to and actually did was set aside 2 hours a day to work.

My goal was to practice an upcoming speech, write two new workshops, and read business-related magazines.
At first, I felt sorry for myself – 2 hours a day of my vacation working? But, as I started working (in the sunshine with the blue skies and bougainvillea flowers all around), I got into the “zone.” The creativity flowed; I got excited and got the work done.

What I realized was that I was distractions-free – no computers, no data roaming, no employees, no, no, no … just concentrated time to accomplish a few tasks.

Wouldn’t it be nice – productive – to be able to set up this interruption-free, technology-free zone for a certain amount of time each day?

Imagine what I might come up with … perhaps even a blog about the subject itself?

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