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Why Mastermind Groups?

Categories: Workplace Productivity

As I wrote this blog, I was in Phoenix having a mastermind group meeting.

So many people ask me, “What is a mastermind group?” It’s simply a group of like-minded businesspeople who regularly get together to share ideas.

One member from one of my mastermind groups said that he’s made more than $6 million just from the ideas he’s gotten from the rest of us!

Historically, I was a non-joiner, but began to hear more and more of the value of belonging to a mastermind group.

Ultimately, I became a founding member of two different groups -- one that has been meeting 11 years now, Master Speakers International; and the other for seven years, Business Builders.

For me, mastermind group meetings have been a place to get great new ideas, receive feedback on my current ideas, help others, and share experiences -- not to mention develop incredible relationships.

This week, I’m giving a presentation about mastermind groups at the National Speakers Association conference. I’ve invited a panel of professionals to discuss their experiences – the good and the bad – what makes a mastermind group work, and what are the pitfalls?

If any of you reading this blog have questions about mastermind groups, please feel free to e-mail me.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about mastermind groups, and/or share more of my own personal experiences with them.

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