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Your Personal Brand is Always on “Candid Camera”

Categories: Personal Marketing

"Smile! You’re on candid camera."

Today, deep in thought while waiting for the bagel I ordered to be toasted, I heard the cashier say, “Smile. It will make your day go better.”

Once I realized that she was talking to me, I turned to look at her. She said, “I don’t know what you were thinking about, but it didn’t look good.”

Wow! What feedback.

So often, when we know we are being observed, we pay attention to the nonverbal signals we send out – especially during critical presentations we deliver.

But, the reality is that we are always presenting ourselves! What is the image you want to create?

Manner is the first component in my MAGIC formula for marketing your personal brand, and it is what creates the impression that you make.

Do you look people in the eye and smile? Do you speak with enthusiasm? Do you use language that allows you to connect with people – not to intimidate or to impress? Do you project the body language of a leader?

How do you present yourself every day in every situation?

Smile. You are on candid camera.

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